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下一個十年最炙手可熱的 IT/Digital 技術

IT/Digital 技術發展千里,每日都不斷變化。回想起我哋 10 年前當時最新嘅技術係咩? 有 cloud 未? Data Science? 我哋一齊睇吓下一個十年最炙手可熱的 IT/Digital 技術會係邊啲?

1. Machine learning

Data is the king in businesses today! Companies are putting resources in utilizing the data to boost the revenue, and as such, there has been an increasing demand for data scientists with programming skills for example machine learning, data wrangling.

擁有數據是成功的一半,運用數據才是成功的全部! 公司投放更多資源發展數據帶來的生意增長。因此,擁有 IT/Digital 技術如 machine learning, data wrangling 的數據科學家於行業內更有優勢。

2. Python

Programmers love Python because of its high level of data structures, increase productivity, and just simplicity.

Programmers 之所以喜歡 Python,是因為它具有高端的數據結構,可提高生產並且非常簡單易用。

3. Cyber-security

Security is the most important in every business without a doubt. For instance, especially when all information is online. Remember the case of PayMe? ZOOM? 

毫無疑問,網絡安全是每個企業中最重要的。 尤其是當所有信息都上存。還記得 PayMe、ZOOM 的例子嗎?

4. UX/UI

The 5G competition has begun. Businesses to win this competition, the element is “SPEED”. Therefore, UXUI is predominantly involved in the design of a website, mobiles apps, etc.

5G 時代已經開始,各企業正在拼命在這競賽中獲得獎項。要贏這場比賽的企業,要素是 「SPEED」。 UX/UI 主要涉及網站,手機應用程序等的設計。

5. Scrum Master

Most of the IT Projects adapted the agile project management methodology, commonly used for software developments projects. After that, a Scrum Master would definitely level up the process in agile projects.

大多數 IT Projects 都採用了 agile 敏捷項目管理方法,常見於 software development 的項目。因此, Scrum Master 能夠令 agile projects 更如虎添翼。

6. iOS/Android

Android and iOS Mobile Developer skills are essential due to the ever-changing mobile ecosystem. There are top five technical skills for Mobile Developer included Analytical Skills, Communication, Creativity, Problem Solving, Programming Languages.

由於系統不斷改變,不論 Android 或 iOS 的技術都至關重要。開發人員應該要有這 5 種相應 IT/Digital 技術包括: Analytical Skills, Communication, Creativity, Problem Solving, Programming Languages。

7. React (web)

A JavaScript library for building user interfaces. In addition, many organizations view these skills as essential. 

用於構建用戶界面的 JavaScript。 好多公司都認為 React (web) 技術係非常重要。

8. Automated testing

Automation testing is the key to the business success of the software industry. In other words, with this technical skill, you can expand your business to a larger audience saving time and effort.

自動化測試是 software 行業業務成功的關鍵。 借助這種技術技能,你可以將業務擴展到更大的受眾群體,從而節省時間和精力。

9. DevOps

DevOps is a methodology that combines the development and operation teams. However, the lack of cooperation between these two will cause technical delays. Two of the effective technologies for example Docker and Django.

DevOps 是合併了運營團隊及開發團隊的一個管理方式。因為兩者其實是不可分割的組織,如果兩者缺乏合作會導致技術延遲。其中兩個有效的 IT/Digital 技術包括 Django, Docker。

  • Docker

Docker is a tool that is designed to benefit both developers and system administrators. It gives flexibility and potentially reduces the number of systems needed.

Docker 是一種旨在使開發人員和系統管理員都受益的工具。 它具有靈活性,並可減少所需的系統數量。

  • Django

Django is a high-level Python Web framework, designed to help developers take applications from concept to completion as quickly as possible.

它旨在幫助 developers 盡快將應用程序從概念到實際操作。

10. Cloud Expertise

There are 3 major clouds in the market include AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

3 種市場常用的雲端 IT/Digital 技術有 AWS, Goolge Cloud 及 Azure。

  • Amazon AWS

AWS Certification validates cloud expertise to help professionals highlight in-demand skills and organizations build effective, innovative teams for cloud initiatives using AWS.

AWS 是雲端市場的領導者,企業對擁有 AWS certifications 的人有一定的需求。

  • Google Cloud

另一個市場常用的 Google Cloud,大量配套軟件,非常方便使用。

  • Azure Cloud

Azure Cloud 是 Microsoft 開發的雲端技術,越來越多人使用 Microsoft 的設備。

11. Deep learning

Deep learning is the hottest skill in data science which can be used to make Ai think and develop insight.

DL 是數據科學中最熱門技能。 它可以用來令 Ai 思考和給予回饋。

12. React Native (mobile)

It is a JavaScript framework for building native apps for iOS and Android apps. In addition, it helps in achieving the same user experience between Android and iOS.