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A Gateway to the world of Data Science

Every year, Glassdoor releases a report based on each job’s overall satisfaction in the US. Data Scientist warranted the second place two years in a row. The score is determined by key factors such as the number of job openings, the job satisfaction rating and median annual base salary.

With the prevalent job openings related to data science or data analysis, one might wonder what does it take to land a lucrative job like that.

Among all the data science software such as Python, R, and Hadoop, “Statistical Analysis System” developed by SAS Institute is probably the easiest to maneuver. For those who have no programming experience, SAS provides a first glimpse into the arena of data science with functions such as advanced analytics, data management, and business intelligence for users to acquire basic skills.

No matter you work in IT, telecommunications, or consumer service, SAS analytic skill is a coveted one in order to get into the heart of the business and forecast future trends.

With “SAS” skills , the world of opportunity awaits  

Data scientists evidently are in incredibly high demand because it is no longer restricted to tech giants. The hiring frenzy spreads across from SMEs to start-ups as well.

According to a recent PayScale study:

Monthly salary of a mid-level data scientist: $45-50K

Average increment with SAS skills: 17%

The monthly salary of a mid-level data scientist is way higher than the median wage of $15k in Hong Kong. If that sounds appealing enough for you, jumpstart your data science career by enrolling in SAS courses. Tech academies such as SAS Institute, General Assembly, and Venturenix Lab offer various courses that are specifically designed for people of different levels of tech skills.  

Learning new things is never a waste of time. Why not step one step ahead and give yourself a competitive edge?