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Venturenix LAB’s Java, Enterprise Microservice Development, Bootcamp is a full time intensive course to build a career in software development. It takes starts 9am to 6pm every week day, turning you from zero to job-ready in just 14 weeks. We teach Java, which is the most in-demand coding language and common frameworks you will need in the software development industry.

This course is designed for anyone with any background who is interested in pursuing a career in software development. You do not need any prerequisites to join the course. 

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to build a portfolio-ready project and equip with necessary technical skills needed to thrive in the ever-growing technology job market.

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  • 14 Weeks, Mon-Fri 0900-1800
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Career Support


Venturenix LAB was founded with a vision of improving the IT job market by filling the talent pool. As a specialist in the IT job market, Venturenix LAB has the most updated information on what the market is expecting. We formulated a series of career support in our course to equip our students and prepare them for the technical job market.

Social Networking Event

CV & LinkedIn Workshop

Mock Interview

Interview Skills Workshop

1 on 1 Career Counseling

Alumni Network Referral

Social Networking Event

IT Talent Night 2021

Professional Career Coaching

Before you get a chance to showcase your technical skills, CV is always the secret weapon to get the entrance ticket of a good benefit dream job. Held by our experienced recruitment consultant, we will teach you how to rewrite your CV that would look best in front of IT line managers and HR. We will also share the secret of how HR, IT line managers and recruiters find candidates, the skills to make the best use of systems to increase your chances and the ways to get interview invitations passively!


Enterprise Application Development | Software Engineering | Technical Team Lead | FinTech | Insurance & Banking

Vincent LAU Trainer at Venturenix LAB


    Passionate about software engineering and coding. An experienced technical team lead of cloud transformation in Insurance & Banking Industry. I love sharing & motivate people, work as one to achieve goals.

    Specialised in:
    – Cloud Transformation Lead – E2E Legacy Application Migration
    – DevSecOps CI/CD – Jenkins/ Nexus/ Maven/ Kubernetes/ SonarQube/ Fortify/ Blackduck, etc
    – Delivery Lead – Cross Applications Development Projects
    – Domain Expert – Insurance/Banking Applications
    – Solution Architect – Design Patterns for High Concurrency Applications

    Technologies Learned

    Microservices & API

    Microservices is an architectural style that structures an application as a collection of services that are.API is a set of instructions that enables a software or app to employ services of another app, platform or device for better services.


    JavaScript is one of the core technologies of the web, alongside HTML and CSS. JavaScript is used on the client side for web page behavior, often incorporating third-party libraries.


    DevSecOps (short for development, security, and operations) is a development practice that integrates security initiatives at every stage of the software development lifecycle to deliver robust and secure applications.


    Java is a high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming language that is designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.


    NoSQL creates a database for storing and manipulating data, defining the relationship of each table.


    AWS is a cloud computing platform that includes a mixture of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and (SaaS) offerings.

    Course Curriculum

    • – Java Data Types/ Methods

      – Java Conditional & Loops

      – Java Array & List

      – Java Object Oriented Programming

      – Java Class & Objects

      – Java Abstraction & Encapsulation

      – Java Inheritance & Polymorphism

      – Java Exceptions

      – Java Enum

      – Java Data Structures

      – Java Generics

      – Java 8 (Lambda/ Stream/ Optional)

    • – Spring Core Theory

      – Spring Core Implementation

      – Spring Boot Basics

      – Spring Boot Configuration

      – Spring MVC Annotations

      – Spring MVC Basics

      – Spring MVC Filters

      – Spring Security Firebase

    • – Database Basics (Relational & NoSQL)

      – Data modeling

      – SQL Basics

      – SQL Advanced


    • Web Basic Concepts
    • Html Basics
    • CSS Basics
    • Javascript Basics
    • CI/CD pipelines Basics

    • Jenkins & Kubernetes

    • IDE – VSCode
    • Maven
    • Git
    • Coding Principles
    • Third Party API
    • Microservice & API
    • Enterprise Application Solution Design

    Graduates’ Testimonial

    99% of our graduates get hired after the course completion 
    90% of our graduates received at least 1 offer before the course completed

    Thank you for the tutor's kind coaching and patience, and making me understand coding. The teaching quality and course curriculum are very good and well organized.


    Former Marketer

    Deeply appreciate the trainer's patience and hard work. This course made me realise I really am able to pick up these IT skills with no IT background. I'm glad I've taken this course at the moment I want to make changes happen in my life.


    Former Human Resources officer

    The tutors here are very nice. They are very patient in teaching and would teach us even in extra time,staying behind with us for homework.


    Former Marketing Assistant

    Nice learning environment! Feeling so good when studying and practicing with my classmates! Me and some of my classmates even got offers before the course completion.


    Former Sales Support

    Can’t believe I can go from zero to hero in programming within 4 months! I won’t be able to finish several projects on my own, without our No.1 tutor and my lovely classmates!


    Former Customer Relationship Manager

    Since the pandemic, I lost my 10 years job without a fair reason. I was so depressed until I met Venturenix LAB. They gave me some professional career advice and continued giving career support during the course.


    Former Flight Attendant

    Thank you my tutor! Everytime when I feel lost about the concept, explaining my thought through my "creative" metaphor and making stupid mistakes, you always give us the best support patiently. You are one of the most patient and humble tutors i have ever met!


    Former Customer Relationship Officer

    Excellent tutor giving endless patience and support to us! Recommend those who want to change their career to take this boot camp!


    Former Administration Officer

    Graduates’ Project Showcase

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    14 Weeks (Full-Time)


    • 14 Weeks, Mon-Fri 0900-1800
    • Max 15 Students per class
    • Lai Chi Kok or Sheung Wan
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