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About This Course

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About this course

Data Science (Python): Learn what it takes to become a Data Scientist in 3 months with our comprehensive course. We have included Python as it is easily the most scaleable programming language for beginners. Whether you have never programmed before or already know basic syntax/functions. We also go over the advanced methods of Python. Our course is used by some of the top data scientists in Hong Kong today.

Duration: Part-time, Weekends from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm, 18 weeks

Trainer: Anthony Lo

Venue: Venturenix LAB, Sheung Wan Campus

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Data Science Head and technology evangelist with enterprise, academic and consulting experience. He is currently head of data scientist head in a global MNC, leading teams of teams to create business impact in Big Data, Machine Learning and AI.

Anthony L.

MPhil at (Computer Engineering), BEng Degree Electronic Engineering at HKUST

– 1st Place Award Scholar (#1 in Greater China Region), General Electric Foundation TECH Award
– Gold Award Scholar, HKEIA Innovation & Technology Project Competition
– Champion, The IET/MATE Hong Kong Underwater Robot Challenge
– Rank top 5% globally on Data Science Competition Platform since 2013


Key Learning

Our trainer, a Head Data Scientist, shares what he does on a daily basis with fellow students. Students will have a perfect opportunity to what it takes to become a data scientist or how to integrate Data Science in your current career. We help you to build your data science career from scratch, starting from basic programming, algorithms to machine learning. In this 18-week course, you will be gaining hands-on experience through in-class projects and sharing.


  • Acquire Python skills as a Junior Data Scientist level
  • Hands on experience in building your own Python applications

Problem Solving

  • How to think in programmatic ways to solve complex interview questions
  • End-to-end data science workflow
Machine Learning
  • Machine learning concepts and popular models
  • Create machine learning applications from scratch

Career Support

Hands on experience with dataset from popular competitions + future career path direction

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my job to Data Science field after studying?

This course equips you with the Python and Machine Learning skill-set that you need to land a job as a Data Engineer, Data Science Analyst or Data Scientist. Upon completion of this course, you will have completed a Data Science project led by our Data Science instructor. Projects are used to showcase your understanding in Data Science, Machine learning and Python programming. With the Python programming skills, the Machine Learning skill trained by our trainer and by understanding what Data Scientists do on a daily basis, you will be able to secure a position in this area by demonstrating this in the interview together with the Certificate by Venturenix LAB.

What can I learn from this course?

This course focus on actual and practical Python programming with Machine Learning. You will learn the concept from self-studying materials and the training provided by our trainers together with the practical coding knowledge. After completing this course, you should be able to perform web crawling, image recognition and other Machine Learning model with Python. You will also be able to participate in online competitions as well.

Will the market recognize the course?

Venturenix is a fast-growing IT, Data and Digital Recruitment firm in Hong Kong. We have been exclusively working in the IT industry. LAB was born out of our client’s need for more IT talent. Besides Certification, practical and hands-on development skills are the most important assets.

Are the skills learned practical or theoretical / can be applicable to my Data engineer or Data science career?

This course is a 99% Practical training course. You will learn most theories through our Trial Classes and self-study materials provided throughout the courses. i.e. Almost 100% of the in-class hours you spend with our trainer will be programming intensive sessions with Python to prepare you to be a Data Engineer or Data Scientists and this is how we can help you to transform.


 “How the Hackathon made me realize that after taking the Venturenix course made me much more confident to actually manage a group of data scientists.”

Kent. L

 “Trainer is a very good tutor and advisor, he taught us how to solve real-world problems with Data Science.”

Lawrence T.

“The trainer is an actual Head of Data Science. There is no other opportunity out there to put you face to face with someone like him.”

Venturenix LAB Student

Learning Objectives

Basic Python 1 & 2
Web Scraping
Practical Python Programming
Machine Learning skillset
Web Crawling


  • No previous development experience needed

Target Audience

  • For Absolute beginners
  • Advance your current career
  • Change to a new career