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About This Course

Launch Your IT Career With Venturenix LAB

IT Coding Bootcamp: A full-time program that encompasses all aspects of software development. You will learn everything required to go into software development. For those that are launching a new career, they will be sent to our clients/partners for job prospects. For those that just want to upskill themselves or advance their current career, we will make sure your specific project or portfolio focuses on the products that you want to build.

Duration: Full time, Weekdays from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, 14 weeks

Trainer: Jeffrey Chan; CTO, Technology Expert and Development Lead

Venue: Venturenix LAB, Sheung Wan

Who is this for?

Individuals launching their career from a fresh start
  • Fresh grads that want to fast track themselves into solid career and avoid competing with candidates in their talent pool.
  • Individuals that want to learn current coding methodologies, coding libraries, best practices and ideal workflows.
  • Individuals looking to have skills needed to ace that interview, or to prepare themselves with experience before going out to interview.
Entrepreneurs that want to build their MVP or Prototype for early stage funding / investing

Build your early stage prototype is a very basic implementation of a future project. Simply put, it is like a sketch that you introduce to investors to show your idea alive and running. Along with that, the prototype’s performance is easier to understand for investors compared to the technical documentation.

Individuals wanting to advance their current career or understand more about IT

With this coding bootcamp we will train you with current coding methodologies, coding libraries, best practices and ideal workflows. There is no second-guessing which coding language is hot in the market right now.

We will train you on skills needed to understand more about the software development process to help you communicate more effectively in Hong Kong.

Key Learning Modules


Build, test, and deploy a web application using a Java and Javascript stack


Set up cloud configuration and learn the best practice for database management in MySQL with AWS (Amazon Web Services)


Build, test, and deploy APIs

Build, test, and deploy a front-end web application using React and Javascript


Present a GitHub, GitLab portfolio of your work to potential employers and strong portfolio

Graduate Support
  • 3 Guaranteed interviews with our clients & partners in software engineering
  • Post-grad recruiter support from our 10+ full-time IT recruiters

A career in software and web development requires a variety of skills, both hard and soft. After you complete this course we offer guidance for navigating a career path into tech, including your career pitch and communication tips. These services are provided by Venturenix (IT recruitment), our learning collaborator for this program. The support team includes recruiters to help you reach your learning goals. The primary goal is to give you the skills needed to be prepared for a job in this field, however, job placement is not guaranteed.

There is a career preparation aspect of this course, elements include:

  • Job search and interviewing for developer positions
  • Crafting your CV + LinkedIn profile tips
  • Building your Candidate Reputation
  • Navigating your job search
  • Interview tips and preparation
  • Negotiating salary

Other additional services we help with on launching a career as a developer:

  • Building your personal brand and promoting your skills collaborating in videos with us
  • Learning how to speak better and have better communication in our showcase events

*For those that have financial difficulties, please contact us about our payment plans.
**We have a 100% refund guarantees for students that would like to give it a try for the first week

Learning Objectives

This is the only course in Hong Kong where you will learn Job ready Java Development


  • No prior experience needed.
  • For absolute beginners

Target Audience

  • Individuals launching a new career
  • Individuals switching careers
  • Individuals wanting to build on an existing career


Cantonese English