Introduction to Data Analytics

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Introduction to
Data Engineering & Analytics (Part-time)



This 10-day course will allow students to form a foundation of data science and analytics to what is used today. Fast-tracking the most standard
concepts and mathematics is what this course provides.. Check Data Scientist Salaries or How to start a Data Science career.

Already have a career? Become better with Data Science technical skills. Why learning Python for your company is essential

Python programming is included; the most scaleable programming language for beginners. Whether you have never programmed before or already know basic programming. This complete course goes over commercial uses of advanced Python for job seekers in Hong Kong. Our course is used by some of the top data scientists in HK today.

  • Learn Basic Python
  • Commercially used Data Analytic techniques
  • Data Crawling 
  • Data Visualization with Tableau
Basic Computer Skills
Course Includes
• Basic Python 1
• Data Crawling from scratch
• Hands-on with SQL
• Practical Python Programming
• Data Visualisation with Tableau
• Machine Learning
• Automation with Extraction
• Web Scraping
Technologies Learned
Python, Tableau, SQL

Course Contents

  • Declaration, variable, Assignment and data type
    conversion (1 hour)
  • Control structure - For loop, while loop (3 hours)
  • Data structure - List, Dic, Set. ( 2 hours)
  • File operation (1 hour)

  • Web Scraping
  • Automation and Extraction
  • Beautiful Soap & Selenium (6 hours)

  • Basic Python Skills & Tips
  • Hands-on data crawling exercise (3 - 6 hours)
  • Hands-on SQL

  • Select, Insert, Delete, Update, sort by, group by (3 hours)
  • Left join / Right join, Inner join / Outer join (3 hours)
  • Data visualization (Tableau)

  1. Basic of Relational Databases 
  2. Basic of Document based on SQL Database 

Course Price
Derek YANG, Expert, Tech Lead

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