IT Coding Bootcamp (Full-stack)

IT Coding Bootcamp (Full-stack)



IT Coding Bootcamp (Full Stack Software Engineering) is a full-time program that encompasses all aspects of software development mainly Java, Javascript and React.

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You will learn everything required to go into software development. For those that are launching a new career, they will be sent to our clients/partners for job prospects. For those that just want to upskill themselves or advance their current career, we will make sure your specific project or portfolio focuses on the products that you want to build. Check out our YouTube Channel for more info!

Basic Computer Skills
Course Includes
➤ Coding Build, test, and deploy a web application using a Java and      Javascript stack
➤ Cloud Set up cloud configuration and learn the best practice for     database management in MySQL with AWS (Amazon Web Services)
➤ Build, test, and deploy APIs
➤ Present a GitHub/GitLab portfolio of your work to potential employers     and strong portfolio
Technologies Learned
Java, Javascript, React, API Development, GitLab, MYSQL, and AWS

Course Contents


      • Computer and Java Basics
      • Java Variables
      • Java Arithmetic Conversions and Operators
      • Java Comment and Input
      • Java Selection
      • Java Repetition
      • Java Methods
      • Java Exceptions
      • Java Enum

Object Oriented Programming


      • Objects and Java Classes
      • Scopes
      • Encapsulation
      • Inheritance
      • Polymorphism
      • Abstract Classes and Methods
      • Interface



      • Data Structure
      • Algorithm
      • Version Control

      • Introduction to Spring Boot
      • MVC and Dependency Injection
      • Repository and Database Connection
      • External API Calling
      • Logging
      • Authentication with Firebase

      • Introduction to Database
      • Tables and Relationships
      • SQL Basics
      • Database Normalization
      • Data Manipulations and Join Tables
      • Database Administration
      • JDBC Connector

      • HTML
      • CSS
      • JavaScript
      • Introduction to React.js
      • Lifecycles in React.js
      • Props and State in React.js
      • AJAX in React.js
      • Page Routing in React.js
      • Firebase Authentication in React.js

      • Introduction to Network
      • IP Address and Domain Name
      • Network Layers and Communication
      • Introduction to HTTP
      • Introduction to API
      • Introduction to Cloud Service and AWS
      • Web Security Vulnerabilities
      • System Deployment to AWS

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Who is this for?

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Starting a new career

Fresh grads that want to fast track themselves into solid career and avoid competing with candidates in their talent pool. Individuals that want to learn current coding methodologies, coding libraries, best practices and ideal workflows. Individuals looking to have skills needed to ace that interview, or to prepare themselves with experience before going out to interview.
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Switching Careers

Switching careers into IT has never been easier. With modern technology comes modern learning techniques. This bootcamp has already had success for students that want to switch career to IT and learn from scratch.
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Build your early stage prototype is a very basic implementation of a future project. Simply put, it is like a sketch that you introduce to investors to show your idea alive and running. Along with that, the prototype’s performance is easier to understand for investors compared to the technical documentation.
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Advancing Current Career

With this coding bootcamp we will train you with current coding methodologies, coding libraries, best practices and ideal workflows. There is no second-guessing which coding language is hot in the market right now. We will train you on skills needed to understand more about the software development process to help you communicate more effectively in Hong Kong.


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Can I complete the course with no IT experience?

Our Coding Bootcamp is highly targeted and formulated for the students without IT background. All of our past students could successfully graduate and change their career. We also provide a 100% refund guarantee. Student can get a 100% refund, if they cannot keep up with the course in the first week of the course.
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Can I keep up with the course if I am not good at mathematics?

We understand your concern! Many our previous students have less interest in mathematics, even have not been exposed to mathematics since junior high school. Under the guidance of our trainer, they can successfully switching their career.
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What is the approximate salary after entering the IT industry?

The salary level of junior software engineers is around $19,000 - $24,000, depending on their experience, communication skills, language skills and so forth .After three to five years, most software engineers salaries rose to around $28,000-$41,000.
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After graduation, can I definitely switch to the IT industry?

Venturenix LAB Coding Bootcamp course is mainly formatlate for those who are interested in joining the IT industry.Our successful conversion rate of previous graduates is 100%. Every student can successfully become a Software Engineer. The rate is the highest between our competitors, which is definitely a quality guarantee.
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Can I only be a Software Developer after graduation? Can I be a Business Analyst or Project Manager?

After graduation, most of the students choose to work as Software Engineer first, and learn on-the-job to deepen their understanding of Software Development Lifecycle. After one to three years, they can switch to be a Business Analyst or Project Manager, which involves more communication than coding. Some of them even become Business Analysts immediately after graduation.
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What if I cannot switch my career after involving large amount of money and more than 3 month?

Our successful conversion rate of previous graduates is 100%. Every student can successfully become a Software Engineer after graduation. The rate is the highest between our competitors, which is definitely a quality guarantee. In addition, Venturenix LAB also provides students with the success guarantee rebate on switching careers, which is exclusive between other institutions.
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Is the Venturenix LAB certification generally accepted by the market?

Venturenix is a leading well-known IT Recruitment and Training company. As the courses of Venturenix LAB are designed on solving specific IT talents shortage, the interview opportunity of our students are extremely high, and widely recognised by the market.Thus, creating a 100% successful conversion rate.
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