Software Engineering Course (Part-time)

Software Engineering Course (Part-time)

Software Development


Software Engineering is a part-time program that encompasses all aspects of software development.

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You will learn everything required to go into software development. For those that are launching a new career, they will be sent to our clients/partners for job prospects. For those that just want to upskill themselves or advance their current career, we will make sure your specific project or portfolio focuses on the products that you want to build. Check out our YouTube Channel for more info!

Course Contents

1. Hello World
- Introduction to the course
- Introduction to Java
- Development environment setup

2. Types and Variables
- Introduction to Types and Variables
- Basic Java program structures
- Quiz and homework

3. Loops and Control flow
- Explain different loops and control flows
- Quiz and homework 

4. Classes and Objects
- Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
- Quiz and homework

5. Interfaces and Inheritance
- Explain key concept in OOP
- Quiz and homework

6. Arrays
- Explain both one and two dimensional Arrays
- Quiz and homework

7. Collection
- Introduction to collection framework in Java
- Explain how to use basic collections
- Quiz and homework

8. Generic and Exception
- Explain what's Generic and how does it work
- Introduction to Exception in Java
- Quiz and homework

9. Project
- Develop a small game

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Who is this for?

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Starting a new career

Fresh grads that want to fast track themselves into solid career and avoid competing with candidates in their talent pool. Individuals that want to learn current coding methodologies, coding libraries, best practices and ideal workflows. Individuals looking to have skills needed to ace that interview, or to prepare themselves with experience before going out to interview.
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Switching Careers

Switching careers into IT has never been easier. With modern technology comes modern learning techniques. This bootcamp has already had success for students that want to switch career to IT and learn from scratch.
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Build your early stage prototype is a very basic implementation of a future project. Simply put, it is like a sketch that you introduce to investors to show your idea alive and running. Along with that, the prototype’s performance is easier to understand for investors compared to the technical documentation.
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Advancing Current Career

With this coding bootcamp we will train you with current coding methodologies, coding libraries, best practices and ideal workflows. There is no second-guessing which coding language is hot in the market right now. We will train you on skills needed to understand more about the software development process to help you communicate more effectively in Hong Kong.


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