UX/UI Design Course

UX/UI Design Course (Part-time)

UX/UI Certification


The idea of UXUI, or User Experience/User Interface, is not new but continues to be a sore point for designers and end users. UXUI design is more than creating products, most commonly apps and websites, that are looking great but also convenient to use and favour the digital journey a user goes through.

It is also about understanding what the target user needs and how they get what they want. UXUI designers should have the ability to alter how users interact with the information and how they navigate your design.

This 10-week course will teach you everything fundamentals about user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), including UX research, prototyping, information architecture and more.


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Basic Computer Skills & an open mind for UX
Course Includes
➤ A complete, practical real-world foundation in UX
➤ Learn how to conduct effective and useful research
➤ Learn the relevant tools are for UX Designers
➤ Gain UX skills you can immediately apply to improve your projects and career Tips and guidance on staying up to date in the field (and entering it too!)
➤ Guest lecture on sharing on real business cases Impactful portfolio pieces
Technologies Learned
Figma, Sketch, Wireframing,

Course Contents

  1. Definition of UX
  2. Common process
  3. Common UX roles in different scale of organisations


  1. Define
  2. Ideate
  3. Test
  4. Iterate

    • Scenario and flows
    • Wireframing
    • User Interface
    • Interaction
    • Prototyping

    • Edge/Corner case handling
    • Development document preparation (good/bad practices)

    • Workshop
    • Users interview
    • Surveying
    • Usability test
    • Fresh eye test

    • Stakeholders communication
    • Design Presentation
    • Developments collaboration

    • Portfolio case study
    • Interview skills
    • Mock interview

10 Weeks
UX/UI Design Course
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What is the salary level for an entry level UX/UI Designer?

The average starting salary for fresh graduates in UX/UI is around HKD$20K - 30K. With the seniority increases, the salary level will also increase. Students with more than 4 years of graphic design experience, salary level is about HKD$30K - 45K. The salary of designers is correlated with their skill set. In other words, the more skills, and tools you are familiar with, the more prosperous you are.
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Is the UX/UI Design high popularity enough? What is the recognition of this course?

UX/UI designers not only require the relevant skills, but also understand the relationship between users and the program. As the rapid development of IT, users have higher expectations on the visual design of the app interface. Many industries shifted from physical platforms to online platforms. Therefore, the demands of UX/UI Designers are getting much higher continuously.

For the recognition, Venturenix is a forward-looking recruitment firm in the IT industry, companies on different aspects have a certain understanding of Venturenix LAB’s certificated courses. In the learning of UX/UI, the most essential part is establishing the actual skill set and creating your own portfolio. In the syllabus of our course, our tutor will coach students to create their very unique portfolio in order to build a fundamental stone in the future.
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After attending the 10 weeks course, can I successfully get employed with UX/UI related careers?

UX/UI is the hottest skill in the design industry. In terms of entering the UX/UI industry, it more depends on the working experience or the proficiency on UX/UI design of the candidates. Some students want to deepen their knowledge of UI and produce UX projects at the same time. Some of them even successfully got employed before they finished the whole course. Besides, Venturenix has our own recruitment team, who are experienced in recruiting IT talents, to increase the employment rate of our students.
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Is programming a part of my responsibility? Why are HTML + CSS included in many job requirements?

It is a common question from most students. With the experience of us, the answer is NO. Undoubtedly, high proficiency in programming is a great advantage on learning UI, as the layout design is related to programming. However, it is not essential to UX. UX focuses more on improving user experience and the mode of thinking, so only the basic programming knowledge is required.