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Become a software engineer in 4 months

Next Course Start Date: Aug, Weekdays at 9:30-5:30PM

What is a bootcamp?

Venturenix LAB’s IT Coding Bootcamp is a full time intensive course, 9:30am - 5:30pm every week day, turning you from zero to job-ready in just 14 weeks.

Java / Javascript

We teach the most competitive coding languages and frameworks you will need in the software development industry.

No IT Experience needed

This course is designed for anyone with any background who is interested in pursuing a career in software development. You do not need any prerequisites to join the course.


Upon completion of the course, you will be able to build a portfolio-ready project and equip with necessary technical skills needed to thrive in the ever-growing technology job market.

More Questions? Feel free to WhatsApp us.

Full time | Weekdays

IT Coding Bootcamp


HKD 22,500

The average salary of our newly hired graduates

1 Month

The average time it takes to get hired is 1 month. Our programmes and students have even been approached during their studies

Start Dates

Upcoming Classes!

Aug 2024

· 14 Weeks
· Monday to Friday, 0930-1730
· Diamond Hill Classroom

Free Seminar

Limited Seats Available

Join Free Seminar

· 2 Hours (Including Demo)
· Thursday, Starts at 7:30PM
· Hosted in our classroom at Diamond Hill

Spring Boot

Full-Time Intensive Learning

You will immerse yourself in the immersive programming environment and work together with a group of comrades who share the same goals.

Having zero IT knowledge is ok!

No prerequisite or self-study is needed. Nothing needs to be worried if you are bad at math or never studied computer related subjects

Refund Guarantee

We offer refund guarantees to minimize your risk and make it an easy decision for you, including first week 100% refund.*
*Terms and conditions apply

Recruitment based Exclusive Career Support

Here, you can enjoy diverse employment support brought by professional headhunting experts and help you navigate the job market with your new skills and experience

Job-Ready in 4 months

You will be able to build a portfolio-ready project and equip with necessary technical skills needed to thrive in the ever-growing technology job market.

Practical Curriculum & Real World Exposure

We teach the most competitive coding languages and frameworks you will need in the software development industry, with real world cases and exercises

Monday to Friday
14 weeks

One Course,
Two Options

Our IT Coding Bootcamp provides 2 curriculums for students who have different preferences. Both focus on Java fundamentals and emphasize practical learning to enhance students’ programming skills. Students will be able to master the development tools currently used by enterprises and understand the processes of teamwork in programming.

Full Stack Software
Engineering Bootcamp
Java & Spring Boot
Enterprise Microservice
Development Bootcamp

Why study Java?

One of the most in-demand and widely used programming languages in the industry

Java has the cross-platform capability to run on different operating systems. It is also one of the most in-demand programming languages in the industry with a majority of enterprise backend platforms using it.

Building a Strong Foundation in Programming Language

As a compiled language, Java has a strict structure and does not allow for “fuzzy but correct” situations. For beginners just starting to learn programming, Java can help establish a strong foundation.

Easily Switch to Other Languages for Maximum Choice

For most Java Developers, it is easy to switch to other languages such as JavaScript, React.js, Python, etc. through self-learning within 2-3 days, allowing for maximum choice.

Course Curriculum

Full Stack Software Engineering Bootcamp

Possibly the most comprehensive and diverse Bootcamp in Hong Kong, the only one that teaches Java + React.js.

The course covers full-stack development, including Java for the backend and React.js for the frontend.

Week 1Java Fundamental
Week 2-4Java – Object-oriented programming
Week 5Database, Network & Cloud
Week 6-7Spring boot MVC
Week 8-9Project – Spring boot API server
Week 10Simple Web Page
Week 11React.js
Week 12-13Project – React.js SAP
Week 14Career Preparation & Mock Interview

Java & Spring Boot Enterprise Microservice Development Bootcamp

The course covers the programming language Java, database applications, and the API design and development of microservice systems under the Spring Boot framework. It caters to the development trends of current financial enterprise back-end distributed systems.

Week 1-2Introduction to Programming Languages & Java
Week 3Java – Object-oriented programming
Week 4Java – Data Structures & Algorithms
Week 5-6Java – Modern Java Programming
Week 7-8Java – Spring boot
Week 9-10Databases & Spring Data Frameworks
Week 11Spring boot Test Driven Design
Week 12Microservices Design Architectures
Week 13Projects Focus
Week 14Career Preparation & Mock Interview

Technology Learned

Java is a high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming language that is designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. Java has the ability to easily move across platforms and can be run similarly on different systems. The average salary of Java Developers in Hong Kong is relatively higher than developers of other programming languages.

JavaScript is one of the core technologies of the web, alongside HTML and CSS. JavaScript is used on the client side for web page behavior, often incorporating third-party libraries.

GitLab is a complete DevOps platform that brings development operations and security teams into a single application. 

API is a set of instructions that enables a software or app to employ services of another app, platform or device for better services.

React is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces based on UI components.

MySQL creates a database for storing and manipulating data, defining the relationship of each table.

AWS is a cloud computing platform that includes a mixture of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and (SaaS) offerings.

DevSecOps (short for development, security, and operations) is a development practice that integrates security initiatives at every stage of the software development lifecycle to deliver robust and secure applications.

The average salary of our newly hired graduates is

HKD 22,500


The average time to get hired is

1 month!

Our programmes and students have even been approached during their studies.

Our Graduates have been offered by

*Venturenix LAB is not affiliated with the above companies

Find your next job

The exclusive career support platform provided by professional headhunting network. Students can apply for job vacancies across different types of companies including international enterprises, local tech firms through us.

Software Developer
UI/UX Designer
QA Engineer
Data Analyst
Data Scientist
Analyst Programmer

Career Day

Our signature career support as a headhunting expert. We provide an all-rounded market analysis of the local IT industry, including salaries, prospects, and promotion opportunities for different IT job roles, to help students find the best path for themselves. We also provide training for salary negotiation and IT job searching secrets to help students get their dream job quickly.

Other Career Support include:


Full Stack Software Engineering
Bootcamp Instructor


With over four years of experience in education and vocational training, he worked as an education specialist in an edtech startup for over three years, responsible for STEM curriculum and product development. He has also provided programming training for working professors and participated in smart city modules at the university. 

Max has extensive programming training experience and is proficient in multiple programming languages and frameworks, such as Java, JavaScript, C, C++, Spring Boot, and ReactJS. With his strong technical and professional education background, Max is adept at catering to the different learning abilities of students, guiding them in various ways, and always providing inspiring learning experiences with enthusiasm.

“If you are looking for a patient and knowledgeable tutor, Max is the best choice.”

Java & Spring Boot Enterprise
Microservice Development
Bootcamp Instructor

Vincent LAU

With over 10 years of experience in system development and design, Vincent has worked in the insurance banking and cryptocurrency industries, and has an in-depth understanding of cloud technology system development and design.

Vincent also has many years of experience in enterprise system development and team leadership, and understands the difficulties that programmers will encounter in their growth process, which can help students understand the skills they need for their future career development. In addition to teaching programming languages and frameworks in the course, he is good at providing targeted guidance for students, inspiring them to accept new learning methods/work modes, and understanding their importance.

If you are looking for a tutor with rich enterprise experience, Vincent is definitely the best choice.”

Got questions about our Bootcamp?

You won’t know if you don’t give it a try! Are you afraid of regretting or not being able to switch careers after completing the course? Venturenix Lab helps you minimize the risk!

(1) Admissions Interview

Venturenix LAB has established an exclusive admissions test, which requires our applicants to pass an aptitude test to ensure they have sufficient logical and comprehension abilities.

(2) Professional Career Counseling

After successfully passing the aptitude test, you will interview with our Admissions Director to understand your background, reasons for attending the course, and goals. In addition to answering your questions and setting appropriate expectations, this can greatly balance the abilities of students in the class and make teaching more effective. This is also one of the reasons why Venturenix LAB maintains the highest success rate.

(3) Unconditional refund for the first week

We have specially set up an unconditional refund for the first week. Whether you find that your interest is not here or there are differences from your expectations, we will refund 100% of the tuition fee.

Of course! Our Coding Bootcamp is highly targeted and designed for students with zero IT background. In the past, 99% of our students, regardless of their background, have successfully graduated and switched careers. We also provide a 100% refund guarantee. If a student feels unsuitable or unable to keep up with the pace of the course during the first week, they can receive a 100% refund.

If you have a determined mindset, work hard in class, 99% of past students have successfully switched careers. Compared with talent and ability, your preparation level for learning new skills and learning attitude are more decisive. 

No worries! Our course is taught by experienced professional instructors who teach the most practical and industry-relevant skill set. Based on our past experience, students with existing programming knowledge have a relatively higher performance. If you have any other specific backgrounds, you can also arrange an one-on-one professional career consultation with our course director.

A computer science degree in university usually involves an all-rounded computer science knowledge, including theoretical research. On the other hand, our course is specifically designed for the hottest skills in the current job market, providing practical training that focuses on learning the technical skills needed for software development in the workplace.

Anyone with basic logical ability and a desire to learn can complete our IT coding bootcamp and switch careers. We have had students as old as 45 years old who have successfully made the switch.

Whether or not one is suitable to switch careers to IT depends on their background, ability to learn new skills, and their attitudes. One should compare their income and prospects with their previous career, and evaluate whether it is worth spending the remaining time starting from scratch in the IT industry. 

About Venturenix LAB

Our parent company, Venturenix, is a leading IT recruitment agency in Hong Kong. Their salary guide has been widely reported by major media outlets (! LinkedIn has more than 20,000 industry connections, including many IT professionals.

We focus on IT talent recruitment, and many local and international companies have established a good reputation by recruiting IT talent through us. We have gained support and trust from employers and partners, and many line managers have even expressed that they consider Venturenix LAB students to be of high quality! The certificate from Venturenix LAB is highly recognized in the market!

At Venturenix LAB, all courses focus on vocational training, mainly cultivating practical skills that are applicable and valuable in the current job market. For more details, you can contact our Course Director, who can analyze which course is more suitable for you based on your background, reasons for studying, and goals.

Payment Details

We offer an unconditional refund guarantee for the first week of all our classes. Students can apply for a full refund at any time within 7 days after the class starts.

For details, please consult our Course Director.

Yes, we offer a 12-month interest-free credit card installment plan.

We accept bank transfers, credit cards, and AlipayHK. For any payment-related questions, please contact us individually.

Course Administration

In order to ensure the quality of teaching, Venturenix Lab is committed to creating a more effective learning environment, and we try our best to make all classes face-to-face. Therefore we do not currently offer online courses.

No. Students only need to have basic computer knowledge and prepare a personal laptop for class use.

In order to ensure the quality of teaching, Venturenix Lab is committed to creating a more effective learning environment, and we try our best to make all classes face-to-face. If students are unable to attend some classes in person due to personal reasons, please inquire with the program director individually, and we will try our best to provide you with more flexible class arrangements.

Yes. Certificates will be issued to students who successfully complete our course and achieve the required attendance rate.