Data Science with Python

Data Science, career-focused with Python: Learn what it takes to become a working data scientist in 3 months with our complete course


Already have a career? Become better with Data Science technical skills.

Python programming is included; the most scaleable programming language for beginners. Whether you have never programmed before or already know basic programming. This complete course goes over commercial uses of advanced Python for job seekers in Hong Kong. Our course is used by some of the top data scientists in HK today.

  • Ace that interview with a complex understanding of Data Science and Python
  • Be able to create Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Apply new skills learned to real-life use cases
  • Perform Linear and logistic regression
  • Start coding in Python for face to face classes

Wayne Yu
Wayne is a competent Data Scientist with proficient skills in data analysis, Python, AWS, SQL, etc. He is experienced with  project leading and data architectures building in leading enterprises in Hong Kong.

Gawain Chin
Gawain is an experienced Data Scientist with extensive project experience in leading enterprises across different sectors in HK, including Global Top Bank, Asia-Pacific Largest Insurance Company and a Fast-growing loyalty program. Skilled in ML algorithms and Big Data strategy; MSc in Economics (Distinction) at the University of Warwick.

Anthony Lo – Course Advisor
Award-Winning Data Scientist, MPhil at HKUST(Computer Engineering), BEng Degree Electronic Engineering at HKUST

Python fundamental

  • Learn the basics of Python programming. Unlock your programming skills with the most popular data science language
  • Learn how to write advanced code with Data Structure
  • Master technical interview skills with intensive coding exercises

Web Crawling

  • Learn modern data collection techniques to extract from web with Python

Data Analytics

  • Become familiar with the industry standard database language – SQL
  • Learn to store, access, and manipulate huge amounts of data with Pandas and Numpy
  • Data exploration with Kaggle Dataset

BI Reporting

  • Build Tableau dashboard – create full-fledged interactive visualizations

Blackbox Machine Learning

  • Learn fundamental concepts behind machine learning, how it works, our end-to-end machine learning workflow, and how it is impacting in the business world

Supervised Learning

  • Build machine learning model based on Linear Regression from scratch with Python and deploy prediction
  • Learn other famous supervised machine learning models (Logistic regression, SVM and KNN) and Classification concepts
  • Understand the key model tuning technique to avoid common ML pitfalls
  • Apply one of the most powerful ML concepts to solve the data science problem with Decision tree, random forest and Xgboost

Deep Learning

  • Use real life dataset to learn the NPL problems like Sentiment Analysis and Text Similarity
  • Learn the concepts behind deep learning and create your own image recognition machine

Unsupervised Learning

  • Learn how clustering and dimension reduction work with unsupervised learning algorithms, K-Means, DBscan and PCA

This course equips you with the Python and Machine Learning skill-sets that may help land a job as a Data Engineer, Data Science Analyst or Data Scientist. All in all, it depends on your performance during any interviews.

This course focus on actual and practical Python programming with Machine Learning. You will learn the concept from self-studying materials and the training provided by our trainers together with the practical coding knowledge. After completing this course, you should be able to perform web crawling, image recognition and other Machine Learning model with Python. You will also be able to participate in online competitions as well.

Venturenix is a fast-growing IT, Data and Digital Recruitment firm in Hong Kong. We have been exclusively working in the IT industry. LAB was born out of our client’s need for more IT talent. Besides Certification, practical and hands-on development skills are the most important assets.

This course is a 99% Practical training course. You will learn most theories through our Trial Classes and self-study materials provided throughout the courses. i.e. Almost 100% of the in-class hours you spend with our trainer will be programming intensive sessions with Python to prepare you to be a Data Engineer or Data Scientists and this is how we can help you to transform.


This is a frequently asked question for students. The answer is NO. Referring to our past experience, students who claimed to have Python knowledge or programming experience only have a few advantages at first 5 to 6 hours of class. Students with any IT experience can catch up with those experienced students quickly afterward. Besides, the learning speed or the understanding level depends on students’ enthusiasm for learning AI and whether they have finished their assignments and attended lessons well.

After finishing our course, nearly all our students can manipulate Python and Machine Learning independently on data extraction, data analysis, and image analysis. It is more than enough on the requirements for entry-level positions in data engineering and data science disciplines.

Most of our clients are building their own data engineering and data science teams. For those companies already established data science teams, they mostly keep recruiting data talents with the goal of 200% headcounts every year while the majority of universities in Hong Kong did not provide data science or Python-related disciplines that respond to the market demand. Therefore, Venturenix LAB has the responsibility to train IT talents to fulfill the needs of the market while mass large enterprises applied the digital transformation in recent years.

Theoretically, Python is suitable for everyone as it is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. Based on our experience, the majority of our students can understand and apply the theory to complete the final project and change the industry successfully. Students have no worries; however, students should prepare extra time on weekly assignments in order to achieve better academic results.

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