Venturenix LAB’s financial aid opportunities

Venturenix LAB is starting to build on various scholarship opportunities to offer potential students wanting to attend our data science or cybersecurity bootcamp programs. If you’re ready to make a career change and want to save money doing so, the best way to find out if you qualify is to meet with one of our helpful advisors. Meet with an admissions advisor to

  • Discover if you qualify for a full 100% scholarship
  • Learn about other financial aid and financing opportunities
  • Find out why tech professionals are in high demand right now
  • Learn about our full-time and part-time bootcamp courses
  • Get guidance on where your skills would best fit in the tech job market in Hong Kong
Scholarship Guidelines
    Standard Guarantees:
  • Venturenix will offer 0% – 50% course fees refund guaranteed if the students are not able to achieve their goals within 6 months after graduating
    • Goals are to be agreed upon by Venturenix LAB and the student. Proposed by the students, agreed by Venturenix LAB while Venturenix LAB will have the final decision of refund. 

Financial AID Scholarship Guidelines


  1. Students that are applying for our IT Coding Bootcamp programs or our full-time immersive Data Science programs


  1. Start the enrollment process by contacting us directly.
  2. Click Here to apply for the Venturenix LAB scholarship.
  3. Follow the enrollment process with your career advisor


  1. A student is eligible to apply if they complete the following:
  2. Aptitude Test
    • LogicLogic
    • Personality & behavior
    • Technical competence 
  3. Career Council Session with our career advisor to understand your experience, & aptitude test results
  4. Receive full 100% of course amount upon completion of the course and placement by us within the first 3 months of completion of the training. (Through our LAB recruitment service)
  5. Scholarships will be awarded one week prior to the Premium Prep start date

Refund Policy 

  • Upon successful course registration, we encourage students to stay committed to their goals. We do not refund the course fees if the enrolled students no longer wish to pursue the course.
  • Nevertheless, if a class is canceled due to low enrolment or other exceptional reasons, we will make a full refund to students within the first week of training
  • Venturenix LAB and the trainer reserves the right to withdraw a student’s enrollment in case of misbehavior or the incapability to catch up in class. In this case, we will decide what is appropriate to the situation
  • During the first week of training, if the students are still not able to pick up, we will offer a 100% refund paid in full of the course (excluding payment fees)

Whether you’re looking to start your career, change your career, or enhance your skills for your current job, our admissions team is here to help you discover your path in tech.

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