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Three Alternatives to Microsoft Excel to Impress Your Boss

In the era of big data, it is important to use suitable software to analyze a big chunk of data with efficacy. The data does not on its own provide decision-makers insights. The data must be analyzed and interpreted to derive meaningful value. This is where data visualization tools come in.

They offer corporations new approaches to improve the ability to grasp the information behind big data. With a great demand for data analytics skills, it is time for IT personnel to pick up one of the skills below.

1) Tableau

Although Excel helps make sense of the data and allows for a quick table configuration, Powerpoint is usually used together to present the data in a more visual and understandable way. Further, another downside of Excel is its slow speed when dealing with large-scale of data, bringing grave inconvenience to data analysts.

With a direct connection to the database, Tableau can display data in a meaningful way through interactive data visualization. Tableau is user-friendly and has a relatively low start-up cost. With the affordable purchase of a license, you are good to go!

2) Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service, enabling anyone to visualize and analyze data with greater speed, efficiency, and understanding.

With more than 20 built-in visual effects, Power BI is an effective tool to make rich visual charts. A personalized dashboard with a unique, 360-degree view of a business can be created to obtain insights throughout the organization.

The function of Mobile Alert allows immediate notification, so management can get caught up with updates and make highly-informed decisions in time.

3) QlikView

QlikView is one of the leading BI tools in the market because of its versatile functions.

The functions of QlikView and Tableau are very much alike as both have a rich user interface with various themes. Nevertheless, QlikView can load multiple data sources and create multi-dimensional charts, providing quick access to relevant business trends and insights. Beautiful publishable reports can be generated within minutes!

There are many ways to “wow” your boss. Make good use of Data Visualization Tools to access and interpret data in real-time and leave an impression!