Top Three Qualities of a Successful UX Designer

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UX designers are highly sought after by many employers nowadays. Have you ever wondered why? Imagine you are meeting someone for the first time. You want to showcase your best qualities and leave a lasting impression, so you would dress nice and speak politely.

UX designers basically do the same thing for their employers. They create a pleasant experience for website users, seeking to impress them and retain clientele. According to a recent survey, the average monthly salary for a junior UX designer ranges from $20-30K while for a department head, their salary could be over $90,000.

What qualities should a successful UX designer possess?

1) Attention to Details

A successful UX Designer is responsible to improve user satisfaction with a product, hardware, digital product, or service by augmenting its accessibility and interaction. To achieve this, they are required to analyze users’ expectations and conduct countless data collections and market research.

For instance, a UX Designer with interface design expertise usually has great eyes to attend to detail. From placing a call-to-action button to accessing the overall layout of a webpage, a UX designer needs to come up with a strategy to catch the eyeballs of the users. Users will be given a whole new experience with every step that a UX designer takes.

2) Empathy

A successful UX Designer must start from his/her point of view, and then build a rapport with users and empathize with them.

Imagine that you are a user of a fashion site; you will be pleased if you see a simple, smooth, and easy-to-use interface where all clothing items are clearly categorized. A good UX designer will create and make adjustments in accordance with the user’s expectations.

Also, many advertisements would inevitably pop up while one is shopping online. It is the ultimate job for a UX professional to increase the sales revenues by placing the ads appropriately without affecting the user experience. Thus, in addition to continuously improving the website interface, a UX designer is also required to align the design with company objectives.

By practicing empathy, a UX designer needs to assess the user’s experience in its entirety, instead of merely assessing the users’ interactions with a particular feature on a webpage.

3) Design Craft

Attention to detail and empathy are innate capacities, yet a sense of design can certainly be trained. The rules for UX designs, including behavioral market research, interface design, and functional planning,

can be learned by taking professional courses. Such knowledge is applicable in a broad spectrum of industries since many employers seek to optimize the user experience for their businesses.

The field of UX has become an emerging profession. Why don’t you sign up for one of the UX design courses at Venturenix Lab to improve your competitiveness?

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